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Latest Deals

Waxing, Massage, Aromatherapy and Back Treatments

Hair Removal for Men

Sun & Beauty Studios offer a full range of male hair removal treatments. Our waxing treatments include:


Full Back waxing £26.00
Chest waxing £26.00
Abdomen waxing £16.50
Brow grooming £14.00
Full arm waxing £22.00
Post Depillation Concentrate

Progressive and lasting hair removal. Applied after waxing the results are fewer, finer and less in-grown hairs.Waxing becomes less painful with a real delay in hair re-growth making waxing less frequent. After 15-20 treatments areas may be hair free.

Applied after waxing £15.00
Homecare 150ml £33.50
Face - Hydrafacial

Banish tired dehydrated skin with a deep cleanse and hydrating treatment. £97.00

Maintenance Treatment - Educational Facial

Recommended four times a year for maintaining healthy vibrant kooking skin. £52.00


Men's hand and nail grooming cleanses and moisturises, reducing cuticle overgrowth. Leaving your hands with a healthier hydrated appearance. Recommended four times a year for maintaining healthy vibrant looking skin. £27.50


Men's foot and nail grooming removes ahrd skin buildup, tidies toenails leaving your feet fresh, hydrated and perfect for the summer/holidays/ Treatment time 45 minutes. £39.50


Looking for a massage in Cambridge? Unwind with a relaxing massage from Sun Studios. We offer Swedish massage, Aromatherapy and our relaxing back treatment to leave your body relaxed and rejuvenated.

Swedish Massage
Full body Swedish Massage - 1 hour £46.00
Back, neck and shoulder - 25 minutes £30.00




The ultimate in relaxation. This holistic massage uses pre-blended essential oils customised to suit your particular needs, emotional and physical.

Particularly beneficial when stressed, suffering from insomnia, anxiety or depression.

Full body, including face and scalp - 1 hour £48.00
Back, neck and shoulders - 25 minutes £32.00



The Relaxing Back Treatment

A luxury treatment for the ultimate back massage experience, this treatment will help alleviate pain, tension, soothe and warm tired muscles.

Sold singularly as a luxury back massage or recommended as a course of 3-8 to cure.

Treatment time 45 minutes - £53.00


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