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KARREN-BRADYHydradermabrasion, marketed as the Hydrafacial™ treatment is similar in concept to microdermabrasion, however there are differences such as the lack of any crystals used to assist in the exfoliation process, plus the use of a specially shaped spiral tip and vortex technology which exfoliates and removes impurities alongside delivering pneumatically applied serums that cleanse, hydrate and provide antioxidant infusion during the treatment process; something which microdermabrasion does not. 

Hydradermabrasion is indicated for the improvement in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores (e.g., blackheads), oily or acne-prone skin and hyperpigmentation (i.e. dark areas of the skin, such as brown age spots). The procedure is used in combination with chemical peels, some skincare products, LED lights (promoting collagen production) and different types of tips if a more aggressive treatment is needed.

Now available with : Lymphatic drainage – natural regulation of the body can occur with lymphatic drainage to improve circulation, detoxifi cation, tone and result in firmer skin.

hydra2Dermabuilder® - a unique multi-peptide anti-ageing serum, to help diminish the appearance of ine lines and wrinkles and enhance the skin's elasticity, for visibly noticeable plumping and tightening.
£20.00 - £40.00

Britenol® gently nourishes skin to help minimize the appearance of darks spots, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation. Britenol® Intensive Spot Corrector containing the same performing ingredients found in a HydraFacial MR® Treatment, this potent spot corrector will leave skin radiant with a more even complexion.
£20.00 - £40.00

Our Price: £97.00 inclusive
LED light, peel and lymphatic drainage.

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