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Deep Cleansing Skin Treatment (Back)

Stretch marks can be treated whatever their age and stage – yes, even silver ones!

How? It’s all about regenerating the collagen and elastin fibres to work more actively and knit the scar tissue to reduce the marks.

Results are visible after the very first treatment and for many can be life changing as stretch marks may have defined their self confidence and wardrobe for many years.

Not only are the marks reduced but the skin takes on new firmness and strength.


A result driven treatment to minimise stretch marks regardless of their age and stage. This treatment will strengthen the skin’s tissue and improve the appearance of marks on any area of the body. Each treatment will cover a 20 x 20cm area Recommended course of 8 at 1 per week.

Sun Studios 147 High Street Cherry Hinton Cambridge CB1 9LN | tel: 01223 411500 | email: info@sun-studios.co.uk