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Katherine Daniels Slimming Treatment

Tailor-made to your specific needs and requirements, a course of 10 treatments can enable you to lose up to 1 dress size.algoslimming

Manual lymphatic drainage ensures your body works to rid itself of toxins naturally. Unfortunately, due to our lifestyle today, the consumption of foods with preservatives and additives, the lymphatic system becomes sluggish. As the lymphatic system is part of our natural waste disposal system, it is important to speed it up to rid toxins and waste from the body.

By doing so, the Algo Slimming treatments have visible and long term results for those seriously looking to lose inches and redefine their silhouette.


The Diet Kick-Start Treatment

Designed to support any weight loss plan and kick start your diet. By working on circulation in your lymphatic and digestive systems, this treatment “kick-starts” the natural internal cleansing systems within your body. You will feel invigorated and cleansed both inside and out and your weight loss plan begun. Recommended course of 4 treatments at 2 per week.

The Diet Kick-Start Treatment
Treatment time 1 hour - £63.00

Course of 4 - £227.00


This treatment can be tailor-made to target your specific problem areas.



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