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Relaxation and Figure Enhancement Treatments

The Relaxing Back Treatment


A luxury treatment for the ultimate back massage experience, this treatment will help to alleviate pain, tension, soothe and warm tired muscles. Sold singularly as a luxury back massage or recommended as a course of 3-6 to cure.

The Relaxing Back Treatment
Treatment time 45 minutes - £52.50
Light Leg Treatment

An invigorating treatment for those who suffer with water retention or swollen ankles and knees. A must have for tired legs, bad circulation and respite during the later stages of pregnancy. Sold singularly for relaxation and relief or recommended as a course of 6 to cure.

Light Leg Treatment
Treatment time 1 hour - £57.80
The Nutri Comfort Envelopment

A relaxing treatment which will reveal soft nourished skin. Your whole body will glow with good health whilst the mask delivers essential vitamins to energise tired skin and reinforce its elasticity and help your figure. Ideal before and after tanning.

The Nutri Comfort Envelopment
Treatment time 55 minutes - £57.80
Cellu-Active Envelopment

Ideal to smooth the appearance of cellulite and coarse skin, this treatment will activate the slimming process on visible cellulite less then 2 years old. Good for a pre-holiday treatment and before and after dieting. Sold singularly as a treatment or recommended as a course of 6 for long term results.

Cellu-Active Envelopment
Treatment time 40 minutes- £57.80
Serenity Relaxation Treatment
Treatment time 1 hour and 45 minutes - £90.00
Deep Cleansing Back Treatment

A deep cleansing treatment for the whole back. For those suffering congestion or acne problems or simply as a post or pre-summer deep cleanse. Available singularly or as a corrective course of 8 treatments.

Treatment time 45 minutes - £64.00
Course of 8 - £435.00
The Velvet Skin Treatment

Soft, silky, beautiful skin. Removes dry, dead, rough skin cells and radiates the body. Ideal before and after tanning to encourage and prolong your natural colour. After exfoliation, Beauty Hydrating fluid is gently massaged into the skin.

The Body Silk Treatment
Treatment time 30 minutes - £33.00

All our relaxation and figure enhancement treatments take place in our luxurious Cambridge beauty salon

Sun Studios 147 High Street Cherry Hinton Cambridge CB1 9LN | tel: 01223 411500 | email: info@sun-studios.co.uk